With over 30 years of experience, we offer a professional and friendly service specialising in first time drivers, nervous drivers, disqualified drivers, disqualified drivers and motorway driving. In addition to this we are also happy to do all we can to help our pupils pass their tests and beyond, by offering, help with theory tests, mock driving tests and pass plus. We feel that by offering a variety of choices we can adapt our service to meet your individual needs and so you can go at your own pace, hourly lessons, discount block bookings and intensive courses.


For over 30 years we have provided a professional and friendly service to our pupils with a first class pass rate. We aim to give our very best to every pupil to enable them to achieve the high standards that are needed to drive safely on todays roads. With great patience we put at ease "First Time Drivers" and "Nervous Drivers," allowing them to build confidence. Our service offers multiple choices giving you great flexibility and the chance to go at a pace that is best suited to you. So whether you choose "Hourly Lessons" or an "Intensive Course" we guarantee to work with you to help you achieve your goals. In addition to this we offer help with your "Theory Test" and "Mock Driving Tests" to give you a better feel of what to expect on the day of your tests. After all is said and done we are willing to take things one step further by offering "Motorway Driving Lessons" and "Pass Plus" to build up your experience. If you are a disqualified driver then we are happy to help you through your extended test. We feel that to provide a good service we need to be adaptable, flexible and patient with the ability to listen to our pupils and that is what we offer you.


Single Lesson

1 hour


Ten Lessons

Paid in Advance.


Motorway Lesson

2 hours.


Intensive Option 1

20 hours.


Intensive Option 2

30 hours.


Cancelation Fee

If less than 24hrs notice.


Cancelation Fee

If no notice.

Call Now

0800 0266938


Intensive Coures

Intensive courses include the application for practical and theory tests, use of school car for practical test, plus an hour before hand. A £100 non-refundable deposit is required.

Terms and Conditions

Prices updated 28th December 2023

1. PJ's reserves the right to refuse permission for any pupil to use a PJ's school car for driving test if in the instructor's opinion the student is not up to standard.

2. Cheques should be made payable to Mr P Mahon accompanied by a cheque guarantee card.

3. PJ's are most anxious to give customers the best possible service. If at any time you have complaint, please do not hesitate to bring this to our attention.

Theory Test Advice

There are two parts to the Theory test, part 1 will be the Theory and part 2 will be the Hazard Perception. The Theory will consist of 50 computerised questions. These questions will be based on a variety of subjects, for example:

  • Documents
  • Accidents
  • Road and Traffic Signs
  • Motorway Rules
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Alertness and Vulnerable Road Users

You must answer a minimum of 43 correct answers to pass the test. We are happy to help you achieve the standard of knowledge required for these tests. We have a number of papers with a variety of Theory test questions to study at home. These questions are possible questions that could arise in the official Theory test. We will then mark your paper and talk you through any questions that you may have got wrong. The benefit of this is that it will improve your knowledge before sitting the official test and increase your chances of passing.

We can also recommend the best CD's, DVD's and books for the Theory and Hazard Perception tests that are available to buy in the shops.

Mock Driving Test

Mock Driving tests can be a great advantage for a number of reasons:

  • you can experience first hand what a Driving test would expect from you
  • it will highlight any weaknesses' you may have and give you the chance to rectify them before the official Driving test
  • you will develop your skills further, raising your level of driving to the standard required to pass your test

A variety of subjects is usually covered in the mock Driving tests which will be required on the official Driving test and will take approximately 40 minutes, for example:

  • Control
  • Reverse Exercises
  • Use of Speed
  • Junctions
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Use of Mirrors and Signals

Pass Plus

Pass Plus is a scheme for new drivers. It's aim is to improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver and reduce the risk of being involved in a road crash. It can also lead to insurance discounts saving you money on your car insurance premiums.

The scheme has been designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), with the help of the motor insurance and driving instructor industries, to develop your skills and knowledge in areas where you may have limited experience.

The Pass plus course has been designed in six modules. These modules will not all take the same amount of time to cover. However the course must consist of a minimum of six hours tuition.

  • Module 1: Introduction (part 1)
  • Module 1: Town Driving (part 2)
  • Module 2: All-Weather Driving
  • Module 3: Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads
  • Module 4: Night Driving
  • Module 5: Dual Carriageways
  • Module 6: Motorways


Freephone: (Please phone this number if you need to cancel your appointment) 0800 0266938

Mobile: 07956 337802

Tel/Fax: 01438 759548

Email: p.mahon1@ntlworld.com


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DhileshH - Dec 2023

Great instructor

RaihanS-3 - Dec 2023

Fast-Track to Success: My Exceptional Experience with PJ's Driving Lessons. I recently had the opportunity to take driving lessons with PJ, and the experience was nothing short of fantastic. PJ's approach is highly professional, focusing extensively on the exact test routes. This preparation is invaluable and greatly eases test day nerves. What sets PJ apart is his incredible ability to secure early driving test dates. In my case, he managed to get a test slot within just a month, a service that is extremely beneficial for those eager to get their license quickly. Overall, PJ's driving lessons are top-notch. His expertise in test routes and the unique benefit of arranging early test dates make him an excellent choice for any learner driver. I wholeheartedly recommend PJ for anyone looking to pass their driving test confidently and efficiently.

AlfieK-19 - Oct 2023

OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTOR I went with PJ, and he is honestly the best instructor out there! He would always instruct me and teach me to be at the highest level and to the best standard of driving. After my girlfriend was having a bad experience with another instructor i even recommended him to her which i do not at all have one regret about this decision, as she is absolutely loving driving now. Once completing my theory he was able to gain me an earlier test and gave me the confidence and skill to be able to take my test and ended up PASSING WITH 0 MINORS. Once again thank you so much PJ, and hopefully you are able to pass my girlfriend too🤞🏼. Would 100% recommend with no shadow of a doubt!

DenniD - Oct 2023

Passed First Time. PJ was so friendly and supportive. He really helped me become more confident and was really encouraging. Helped me pass first time!

DarrylK-22 - Sep 2023

Passed 1st time! I passed my test 1st time with PJ! He knows driving inside-out. Friendly, supportive and professional, he’s willing to go the extra mile to get you test ready. And I discovered he is well respected by the examiners. Highly recommended!

AlexanderA-75 - Sep 2023

Driving test was a Success. PJ is a great instructor. If you need an instructor you can trust, PJ is definitely the man for the job. I passed my test on first trier.

JasminD-16 - Aug 2023

Great instructor. PJ is great instructor, very patient and encouraging. I was very nervous starting lessons and have just passed my driving test feeling confident. I definitely recommend him.

AlexR-632 - Jul 2023

Great instructor would highly recommend! I passed my test first time with zero minors, I would highly recommend PJ as he is very patient and helped me regain my confidence with my driving

SophieL-382 - Jul 2023

Amazing instructor definitely recommend! PJ is an excellent and reliable driving instructor and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone for lessons. He is very knowledgeable and patient which allows you to feel comfortable and relaxed during lessons. Going from being nervous to start lessons to passing my test first time, PJ gives you the preparation and confidence to allow you to feel ready to do your test. Couldn't recommend him enough.

EmilyD-370 - Jun 2023

Patient and Encouraging. When I started with PJ I was a really nervous driver. He had been so patient in helping me gain confidence and allowing me to take my time to work out what was best for me. I'm pleased to say I passed first time with no minors and had comments made by the examiner about how confident I was. Many thanks to him for helping me build my confidence and supporting me with so much advice. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

SophieH-2141 - May 2023

Best driving instructor!! Pj is an amazing driving instructor. He’s very calm and patient. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family.

LaurenW-490 - May 2023

Great, friendly instructor. Pat is a great instructor. He’s friendly and makes you feel at ease, helped me gain a lot of confidence.. And today I passed my test! Thanks again Pat for everything.

SarahA-1242 - Apr 2023

A wonderful driving instructor. PJ has been an amazing driving instructor for my son. He is patient, kind & makes his lessons interesting and fun. PJ was very understanding when we had a family bereavement & had to pause the lessons for a while & he was available to start again when we were ready. He helped us to get an earlier test than the one we booked over 4 months away & was on hand for advice and updates throughout the whole process. I'm thrilled to say my son passed his test first time, thanks to PJ's great teaching & support. We highly recommend PJ as a driving instructor & we are so very grateful to him for his continued patience and support.

ChloeL-251 - Apr 2023

Best driving instructor. Pj is an amazing instructor, he spent many hours with me before my test and helped me pass first time! Would definitely recommend, he helped improve my confidence with driving and was very patient with me. Such a great, kind instructor to be able to learn with.

RebeccaS-906 - Mar 2023

Great instructor. I started learning with PJ from square one and passed second time round with only 3 minors. He’s very patient and understanding and lets you work out how to do things in your own time without letting other drivers knock your confidence or put you under pressure. I’ll be recommending him to all my friends when they start learning!

JoB-916 - Feb 2023

Fantastic Driving Instructor. Pj is a fantastic driving instructor, he made my daughter very relaxed and confident. He was reliable and helped my daughter pass first time. I’ll be using him for my sons when the time comes. We highly recommend him.

SueD-744 - Jan 2023

Friendly, reliable & approachable driving instructor who cares about his pupils and wants them to suceed. Thank you PJ for both your professionalism, reliability and care whilst teaching our son to drive. Our son was very shy, lacked confidence and belief in his own ability. You encouraged, nurtured and spent extra time with him bringing our the positives in his driving abilities. Thrilled to share he passed his test today & absolutely over the moon. Thanks again & would not hesitate in recommending you to anyone in the future.

LeahM-192 - Jan 2023

Best instructor ever!!!!!! I passed my driving test today and I couldn't have done it without PJ. He's the most amazing person and a phenomenal teacher. He's very patient and accommidating and flexible. PJ worked so hard to get me where I am today and I'm so grateful. We had the most fun during our lessons. I couldn't recommend PJ enough. I shall miss our lessons

GeorgeW-592 - Oct 2022

Fantastic driving instructor. PJ is a fantastic driving instructor, very knowledgable, always encouraging and supportive. Helps to get you a test as soon as he can and makes sure your ready. I would highly recommend and cannot fault his service. Thank you PJ.

BobbyM-107 - Oct 2022

Passed first time! Brilliant instructor. Amazing driving instructor! Managed to get my test a month earlier thanks to PJ and his belief in me. Passed first time with only 3 minors and got my test early, always was supportive and pushed me, wasn’t 100% on my abilities a couple of weeks before my test, but we squeezed in lessons and he took time out of his evening to help me.

SophieH-2089 - Oct 2022

First time pass with PJ. PJ helped my pass my test first time today and I can’t thank him enough. He was a great instructor who was patient and knowledgeable and guided me in a variety of ways. He also helped me get an earlier test date which I really appreciated! Thank you PJ - s

DanteC-3 - Sep 2022

PJ’s is the way! An absolute amazing driving instructor he will get you where you need to be just had faith in the process and listen to every word he says and you’re sure to pass. Couldn’t ask for a better driving instructor. Take on board what he says go away do you research and you’ll get there! Thank you PJ’s

DylanR-60 - Sep 2022

Couldn't have asked for a better instructor! He provided really in-depth lessons ensuring all skills were learnt and knowledge is covered, as well as practiced and perfected. Managed to get my test earlier than the original date through cancellation, allowing me to pass first time. I would 100% recommend to friends and family.

JadeK-88 - Sep 2022

Pj is a great instructor. PJ was a fantastic instructor. He really prepared me for my test where I passed first time. Pj was very helpful and ensured I got a test date before my theory expired.

GeorgeR-330 - 11 Aug 2022

Best instructor. Amazing instructor, patient and calm couldn't have asked for anyone better to help me pass.

BecaF-1 - Aug 2022

Good driving instructor. PJ was a very good driving instructor. Helped me to pass 1st time. I would highly recommend.

GeorgeC-546 - Jun 2022

Very helpful. Found me a cancellation easily and very quickly, also gave very good lessons which enabled me to pass my test. Very glad with the experience and some of my friends are still trying to get cancellations for test, which i didn't have to worry about because of my instructor.

ElliottS-40 - Jun 2022

Great Lessons. PJ helped me to get an earlier test because I was ready. He is a good instructor and makes sure you are ready for your driving test... because of this, I passed with no minors. Thanks PJ

AmberH-109 - Jun 2022

Very good. Very good instructor, passed first time too!

AliceK-70 - Jun 2022

PJ driving. A good driving instructor who was good at explaining how to do various maneuvers. He had lots of good tips for the test and helped me pass first time. I will definitely do Pass Plus with him.

JackN-159 - May 2022

Pj driving lessons. Pj is a really good driving Instructer it didn’t take him long to teach me everything I needed to pass my practical test he made me pass my test with ease 100% not there for the money and I will be recommending him to everyone who is looking a Instructer he is a very nice bloke he tries to do what he can if you are ready for a test to get you one early befor the date you are given he makes everything easy and simple he goes about and beyond to help you out by giving you more time behind the wheel then you pay for brilliant Instructer cheers Pj 👍

EvieC-40 - Apr 2022

Driving with Pj. Pj is an amazing driving instructor, he’s extremely patient and keeps you calm when driving. He not only helped me to book my practical test but also helped me find a cancellation which helped me pass earlier. Would 100% recommend Pj to anyone looking for a great instructor.

FreddieV-4 - Mar 2022

Defo recommend. Great instructor, managed to get me to have an earlier test and overall great guy. Will be recommended to anybody.

CarlG-170 - Mar 2022

PJ legendary driving instructor. I passed first time, 5 star driving instructor.

MichelleC-2301 - Dec 2021

Excellent instructor, My son passed 😁 this man is a fantastic instructor. He taught my eldest to drive and now my middle son has passed today, He is also teaching my youngest son. Pj Managed to get him an early test date which we are very grateful to him for doing . Pj is extremely patient and gave lots of encouragement. He also kept me up to speed with my sons progress. Highly recommend.

LauraC-950 - Nov 2021

Amazing!!!, A very calm instructor. Got me a test super early! Couldn’t recommend him more!

CharlotteJ-216 - Nov 2021

Excellent, i transferred instructors to pj and he has honestly been so patient with me in terms of helping me pass my theory and driving test. i could honestly not thank him enough. i felt so comfortable during all my lessons. i would defo recommend!!!

SallyR-502 - Oct 2021

Thorough, reliable instructor, PJ taught my son to drive and made sure he was fully prepared before taking his test. He managed to get a test date earlier than the one we booked and fitted in extra lessons beforehand. Very thorough teaching style, helping him get through his theory test as well. He also taught my two older boys to drive about 10 years ago - he was great then and I'd recommend him again.

LucyC-536 - Oct 2021

An amazing instructor, PJ is such an amazing driving instructor. He is very patient and makes sure that you are well prepared in time for your test. I passed first time thismorning with 0 minors. A big big Thankyou to PJ for getting me through, I would 100% recommended :)

CherieD-8 - Sep 2021

Above and beyond, PJ taught my 17 year old son to drive he passed his test first time with one minor fault, due to the pandemic it is extremely difficult to book a test, my son had to take his test in an area that he did not know PJ made arrangements and took him to that area and went through the routes he could take on his test, which gave my son so much confidence. PJ is reliable, patient and honest with his feedback. Highly recommended.

RyanH-538 - Aug 2021

Very good instructor, Very good instructor, patient and knowledgeable, passed with 0 minors.

JamesM-2920 - Aug 2021

Very good driving instructor, Pj is a very good driving instructor he help me pass my driving test first time and he was even able to bring my test forward as he fell that I was ready before my original test date. Would highly recommend

JoeP-304 - Aug 2021

First time pass, Best instructor in Stevenage, was able to give me many more hours and extra time due to my test being brought forward. Cannot have done it without him. Thank you PJ.

RhysG-48 - Aug 2021

Good instructor, Very professional driving instructor, helped me get an early test and helped me pass 1st time

NathanD-159 - Aug 2021

PASS 1ST TIME, Excellent service. Past 1st time. Great confident teacher with outstanding patience. Was available to get me an earlier test than first inticapated.

JamieT-286 - Jul 2021

Great Instructor, PJ was a great instructor, very patient and knowledgeable on the rules of the road. He got me through very quickly and made extra time for me nearer my test, which I passed first time. Would definitely recommend.

JackE-192 - Jun 2021

Driving lessons, I have just passed my test and has done the best job to get me ready for my test I say that he is one off the best driving teachers there I highly recommend if you are going to do driving lesson to go with pj.

SophieM-492 - Jun 2021

Outstanding experience, Excellent driving instructor. I passed first time and wouldn’t have done without Pj. Cannot fault him.

NatalieT-210 - 29 May 2021

Brilliant instructor, I came to PJ after having a disheartening experience with another driving instructor years ago, which put me off driving for a long time. However, when I was ready to try learning again PJ put me at ease immediately. Very calm and unruffled, he really helped my anxiousness with driving and never made me feel like I was silly for making mistakes. Even with going in and out of lockdown I still passed first time, way within a year of learning with PJ. Could not recommend him enough, thank you so much!

EmilyS-471 - May 2021

Emily Storey, Pj was my first and only driving instructor and I could not recommend him more. Pj went above and beyond to see me pass my test. He always gives you the full time and is very friendly and easy to get on with. I ended up passing my test with no minors and that is a true reflection on PJ’s teaching.

HollyL-95 - May 2021

Highly recommended driving instructor, I have been learning to drive with PJ for quite a while now and he has been a great teacher. I started with little to no confidence when I first started and was extremely nervous and he has help me build up not just my confidence whilst on the road but has given me all the tools and skills I need to drive safety and smoothly. He would focus on all the improvements I needed to face in our next lesson and made sure I felt comfortable and happy with my progress. He noticed I was ready for my test and made sure to get one for me a quickly as possible even with the long wait time for them due to Covid. I would definitely recommend driving with PJ.

KhH-6 - Oct 2020

Amazing Instructor. PJ has a very calm and patient approach to his teaching, PJ helped me to solve the areas I struggled with and told me what I needed to improve on in a straightforward way. PJ gave me the skills to be a safe and confident driver. I highly recommend PJ.

EshaS-4 - Oct 2020

Amazing driving Instructor. I never knew this day would ever come but I finally passed my driving. I had a few instructors before PJ and he was the best one out of all of them as I passed because of him. He supported me patiently when I struggled to understand and grasp driving properly. It was a great learning experience and he made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend taking lessons from him to anyone regardless of any previous experience or lessons.

ThomasR-248 - Sep 2020

First time pass PJ was my first and only instructor and I passed first time, despite the complications of COVID-19. Highly reccomended.

IsabelD-27 - Sep 2020

PJ's School of Motoring - THE BEST! I've had a few instructors and PJ is by far the best of them. I successfully passed first time with only 3 faults, a massive credit to PJ, he helped with my confidence and self awareness. He taught me the skills to get better at driving and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to begin or like me re-take Driving Lessons. I can't thank him enough!

JamesM-2412 - Sep 2020

Excellent driving instructor. I can't recommend PJ highly enough. I came to him from a previous instructor at the start of the year after multiple test fails and pretty low on confidence. PJ helped fix the weak areas of my driving and most of all give me the confidence to drive well and to pass my test today. I highly recommend his teaching methods. He's methodical and patient - maneouvre instructions are really straightforward and he's great at walking you through all rationale for what to do in various scenarios.

LorcanJ - Sep 2020

Great instructor, PJ is a great instructor that helped me pass first time! Definitely recommend

JoeL-226 - Aug 2020

Passed first time, quality instructor and knows everything there is to know on how to pass your test

ChrisA-2340 - Mar 2020

Reclaiming licence, I had a bad accident in 2018 and had my licence revoked by the DVLA I had an assessment prior to that and failed. They told me to leave it for at least a year before taking another driving assessment .I waited a while then I felt I needed some driving tuition to prepare me for my next assessment . PJ was such a careful and thorough instructor ,he focussed on the issues I had failing the first assessment, he was very patient and always made sure that I paid attention to all of the criteria I needed for my next assessment . He is a very thorough and precise . I just had my second assessment and today I received my licence back from the DVLA! This is all thanks to PJ for giving me good instruction . I highly recommend him ,he is a great driving instructor ,Chris

ChelsieF-1 - Feb 2020

Really good!! Passed first time!! Really good instructor would recommend to anyone :-)

JorjaH-1 - Feb 2020

First time pass. Pj is an excellent driving instructor had me feeling very confident driving I had my test today and passed first time with the test earlier than originally booked due to being ready early. Would highly recommend Pjs driving school. Thank you so much Pj !!! X

JamesD-1112 - Dec 2019

Very Happy. Great instructor, passed first time with no faults, and brought my test forward because he knew I could pass it. I would definitely recommend.

JamieM-2026 - Dec 2019

Just passed my test this morning first time, Pj got me an earlier test. His teaching skills are very good, he always made sure I corrected my mistakes and we would go over them, very fun not boring lessons. Nice Christmas present for myself. Thank you Pj.

LukasH-1 - Dec 2019

Fantastic instructor, PJ is a fantastic instructor who teaches you everything you need to know to drive safely and effectively. I would recommend him highly and have several friends learning with him.

MiaP-94 - Nov 2019

I would 100% recommend. I had a great experience with PJ as my driving instructor, he gave me the skills and understanding of the roads I needed to be a safe driver. I passed second time today, he gave me lots of advice and help me to regain my confidence after my initial fail. He is patient, understanding and a great teacher. I would recommend PJ 100% he made learning to drive an enjoyable process and I can’t thank him enough for his help.

grant124 - Nov 2019

Great guy. I book my lessons in with Pj and within a few lessons , he realised I was ready to book my test in and I passed a month later first time. I would highly recommend Pj to anyone , he is one of the best instructors out there

MadhurJ - Oct 2019

PJ helped me in passing the test in first attempt. I scheduled the test in August but his mock driving tests were very helpful to realise that I was not ready at that time, so postponed the test for October and passed it in first go.

MarkW-1591 - Oct 2019

Top instructor. Pj helped me get the confidence to pass first time.he's patient and a great instructor. Thank you pj for you help.top man

LewisG-85 - Oct 2019

Great instructor. Just passed my test today with pj. Top man lessons are worth the value. Goes over mistakes until you get them right.

RachelB-517 - Sep 2019

Passed my test with PJ! PJ helped me pass my driving test with confidence. He is always kind, calm and sensitive to your needs as a learner and is completely dedicated to helping you not only pass your test but constantly improve the quality of your driving. PJ managed to fit me in at least one lesson every week and gave plenty of lesson time in the week before my test to iron out any nerves or worries. Lessons were very much focused on what I needed to learn or improve but were also fun, friendly and stress free. I would definitely recommend PJ to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Thank-you PJ! Rachel

LilyM-37 - Sep 2019

Passed first time. Very patient, gives good advice and ensured I passed my test with only 1 minor. Highly recommend

AmieW-17 - Aug 2019

Highly recommended. My whole family have had lessons with pj, I cannot recommend him highly enough. My daughter just passed first time, who was a challenge for pj due to her dyslexia and a.d.d. But pj took his time with her, went the extra mile and gave her the confidence she needed to succeed! Amazing man! Thank you pj x

ChristopheG-130 - Aug 2019

Great Instructor. I would highly recommend PJ as an instructor. As a 30 year old with no driving experience I was always anxious about driving, however through my lessons with PJ i was able to quickly build my confidence. PJ is patient and communicates instructions clearly. He will keep notes each lesson on what has been covered and will go over any areas which need additional practice from previous lessons. Doing a mock driving test as I neared my test date was also very beneficial as it gave me a much clearer indication of my readiness for an actual test and what needed to be worked on. With a bit more practice PJ was able to make me confident that I could drive safely and helped me pass first time.

AmyS-444 - Aug 2019

Thank you Pj!!! Pj’s is such a patient and friendly teacher who, not only helped me learned to drive, but made me into a more confident driver. When I first started I was very nervous and hesitant but now I can drive safely and confidently. Thanks to Pj I passed my test first time!!

LouieC-5 - Jul 2019

Brilliant instructor. Amazing instructor with a brilliant sense of humour. PJ is brilliant when teaching and he is always giving you advice on how to improve and he is very calm and collected when it comes to me, the pupil, making a mistake. He managed to bring my test forward as he believed that I was ready and he equipped me with the knowledge and skill to pass first time. Definitely my go to instructor for anyone asking about driving lessons.

MatthewD-295 - Jul 2019

Fantastic Instructor. I was suggested this school through my partner and started lessons around 1 year ago. He was patient with me throughout every lesson and was flexible about scheduling. When I had my practical test set, he was looking to get me an earlier test as he believed I was ready and managed to do so. I had passed today (9/7/2019) with 0 faults. Would recommend for anyone who is looking to start learning to drive

RebeccaG-86 - Jun 2019

Great instructor. Highly recommend, I am 31 with no driving experience , and passed first time with only 6 minors . Pj is a great instructor!

JamesF-531 - Jun 2019

No need to look elsewhere. Excellent instructor. I'm happy to say I've just passed my test on the first attempt. He is patient and reliable and importantly he listens and modifies the lessons to suit the individual. I felt that I took to driving fairly quickly, and PJ was happy to progress me through the lessons at a good pace. When I made mistakes, we went back over them in subsequent sessions (often several times). He keeps detailed notes of your progress and anything that can be improved upon, and will repeat things until you get them right. He answers questions, and helps you to think through situations and understand the reasons behind certain things. After a few months, my test was booked but I was unable to get the day off of work. PJ sorted me another test date very soon after the original date, allowing me to get my test done ASAP. He always offers constructive feedback and has a detailed knowledge of the test routes. No need to look elsewhere. Trust his judgement and you'll smash it. Thanks PJ!

NathanS-184 - Jun 2019

Great instructor and great value. PJ is a great driving instructor -calm and constructive and good fun too. Often got more than an hour's session. Passed on my 2nd attempt today 2 weeks after my 1st test with only 4 minors. Thanks PJ

NyarliC - May 2019

brilliant driving instructor. PJ is a amazing driving instructor, he made me feel confident and well prepared for my test, he even got me an earlier test because he felt that i was ready. He’s patient and reliable. i’m happy to say that i passed first time. i would highly recommend him. thank you Pj for you time and support.

DimitraT - May 2019

PJ is an excellent instructor with many years of experience, very patient and reliable. PJ helped me to feel confident for my test and I managed to pass first time!! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

ParisD-2 - May 2019

10/10 Pj is an amazing driving who made learning to drive fun. I loved every moment of it and am gald to say i passed first time. Pj is very patient and reliable. I would never feel rushed during my lesson and he would go over anything I felt less confident on. I went into my test feeling confident and it showed in my driving. Would 100% recommend Pj as he makes new drivers feel very comfortable with the road and will not hold them back when they’re ready for the test.

FrancescaP-29 - Apr 2019

Amazing driving instructor, passed first time! Patient and reliable, highly recommend to anyone. Makes learning to drive a fun and enjoyable experience.

JaneN-96 - Apr 2019

Driving Instructor. PJ is a brilliant driving instructor; my son had weekly lessons from Jan - end of March 2019 (although we originally went with another instructor last year which was less than reliable and he failed his test several times previously). PJ is reliable and on time, never missed a lesson (which is very important). Booked test for May but brought forward to beginning of April and pleased to say that he passed with just 1 minor, we could not be happier with the service we have received and will be booking a Motorway lesson for us parents 'piece of mind'. Thank you PJ for all your help and support.

DylanO-8 - Apr 2019

Quality. Proper top man. Helped me pass quick and adapts to your personality, could work with anyone. Easy to speak to and good at teaching you too. A man of his words, got my test booked but he said he’ll be able to get it sooner and a week went past and it was the coming Thursday. Would really recommend!

DanielV-44 - Feb 2019

Pj’s driving school. Amazing instructor could not fault, Pj got me up to test standards so quickly and really well, was always spot on with teaching me how to do all Manoeuvres, driving on the road and junctions. Always polite and understanding and gives constructive feedback as and where needed to help you better your driving. Pj Always has your best interest, for instance he got me the earliest possible test he could and after failing once got me another ASAP after. Pj was always punctual and never failed to give me plenty of notice on my next lessons. If you want a proper good instructor not just semi decent but spot on then Pj delivers that service.

GeorgiaT-27 - Jan 2019

Outstanding. Very patient and understanding. Excellent instructor! 10/10 would reccommend! I passed this morning thanks to his amazing help, couldn’t have done it without him!!

Maz-93 - Jan 2019

Excellent Instructor. PJ is an excellent instructor with years of driving experience and many helpful tips that helped build my confidence quickly and got me test-ready in just under 4 months, whilst I was on placement in Stevenage. He’s an extremely friendly and patient instructor who put in a lot of effort to teach me driving in the short amount of time I had. I discovered PJs school of motoring through online reviews and can personally vouch for all the positive things said about him- I truly would not have been able to pass without him!

ArchieT-6 - Jan 2019

Professional driving instructor. A professional driving instructor, who builds confidence and develops both practical and theory skills. Would highly recommend, passing first time after using PJ’s School of Motoring

KirstyG-69 - Dec 2018

Friendly instructor. Pj was absolutely amazing. He had great patience with me if I made a silly mistake, he would always make sure I understood how to correct it. I couldn't have passed without him!!

MitchD-3 - Dec 2018

Top driving instructor. Could not fault pj one bit. After a few lessons he booked my test. Managed to get me one as quick as possible, and when i was not able to attend that test he went the extra mile to get another test date at an earlier time. Which suited me perfectly. Goes through everything with clear, precise instructions. Makes you feel comfortable and confident in your ability. Above that, a genuine, top bloke. Couldnt recommend enough. Cheers PJ.

EthanR-7 - Dec 2018

Passed first time! Very approachable, put me at ease and gave me confidence. Would thoroughly recommend.

JadeM-114 - Nov 2018

Brilliant instructor. Very good instructor who helped me to pass after failing a few times with someone else. Friendly and patient, would recommend to everyone.

ZoeS-108 - Nov 2018

The best instructor! Highly recommended instructor, very friendly, patient and made me feel at ease. Passed first time with only 2 minors! Thank you PJ :)

MartineC-8 - Oct 2018

A new confident driver. A brilliant instructor that teaches you to drive with confidence and PJ is someone you can communicate well with. Throughout my experience we have also had many laughs while learning to drive, something that you need as it can be quite nerve racking at times. Pj’s school of motoring gives you guidance throughout your lessons both with your practical and your theory, ensuring you are ready to take your test.

KellyW-206 - Oct 2018

Highly recommended PJ I was a very nervous driver he helped so much with this. I passed with NO minors on a Saturday test he got for me he always gets you a earlier test.... His very calm and is happy to go over things once twice or as many times as it takes. I highly recommend PJ never did I think I could pass and it made it possible.

ParisH - Sep 2018

BEST instructor! I would highly recommend Pj , He is very professional, calm and was always happy to go back through things i felt unsure on, he helped me fully prepare for my test and make me feel very comfortable, passed in just 4 months!

HongyuanH - Sep 2018

Best instructor you can find in Stevenage! Learnt with BSM for over 30 hours but failed my first test with 10+ minors and 1 serious. Decided to change my instructor and found PJ. Passed my second test today. If you are looking for someone to teach you how to drive in Stevenage, PJ is the best you can find! Professional, kind, and very patient. He will help you throughout your lessons and teach you everything you need to become a safe driver.

KevinD-202 - Aug 2018

Pass! I would highly recommend pj as he is very calm and a great teacher. I had 4 lessons and he got me an early test within 4weeks so all in all i had 8 lessons an early test. I past first time. So if you are looking to pass early and dont want to wait 10weeks for a test slot this is your school.

LukeR-103 - May 2018

Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. PJ was very professional throughout all my lessons, always found the most convenient time for me as to work around my work schedule. PJ is from the local area and helped my fully prepare for my test and made me feel comfortable with driving. He also helped me with booking my practical test and to get an earlier time. Would highly recommend to anyone.

KaiyaC - May 2018

Great Instructor! Great driving instructor, passed both theory and practical first time despite being an apprehensive driver, highly recommend.

AmyJ-104 - May 2018

Great driving instructor! Chose to learn with Pj after reading what brilliant reviews he had and was not dissapointed! Passed first time both theory and practical and was provided with dvds and worksheets which were very helpful. As a very nervous driver Pj was always extremely patient and kind, pj was always on time for our lessons. I will definitely be recommending him to family and friends. Thanks so much for all your help Pj !

GrayVacuum63 Apr 2018

Excellent! Definitely recommend!! Passed 1st time learning with Pj. Was an excellent teacher, made me feel at ease throughout my lessons and calmed my anxiety. Pj is very pleasant and easy to talk to which makes learning to drive even easier! I was having lessons for almost a year and couldn’t of done it without the help of Pj. Definitely recommend this driving school, I learnt so much from Pj. Best of luck to anyone who goes with Pj’s School of motoring, and a massive thanks to Pj for teaching me, and for me passing my test today!!

OrangePan58-1 Apr 2018

The Best Driving Instructor. Such a lovely instructor ! PJ was such a helpful, motivating and very professional instructor, that put me at ease and continued to motivate me through the whole experience. Lessons were always fun and encouraging as he helped me believe in my driving abilities. An absolute outstanding instructor, there will be no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. Thank you so much PJ, Eb Oladejo

RedCoin28 Apr 2018

Pj review: Pj is a very easy going and amazing driving instructor, he always has your best interests in mind and will help you in every possible way to make sure you have the best experience whilst learning to drive. I would definitely recommend!

WhiteTelephone68-1 - Mar 2018

Passed first time! Pj is a great driving instructor, he was very patient and put in extra time and effort. Highly recommend him!!

OrangePen61 - Feb 2018

Great driving instructor. Really good driving instructor, organized a retest for me within two weeks and taught me how to drive within a year.

ScarletWindow68 - Jan 2018

great instructor great instructor lots of patients, knows his stuff easy too learn with passed first time with him

PinkButton57 - Jan 2018

Excellent. Very friendly and flexible. I passed theory first time and practical first time after learning for 6 months with PJ. Highly recommend!

FuchsiaLight51 - Jan 2018

Absolutely fantastic instructor! Absolutely brilliant! Pj was in my opinion one of the best instructors there is. Flexible and works around you and wastes no time in getting you prepared for you test. Helped me pass my test first time and so fast, even got me an earlier test than my original date! Couldn't thank him enough for all he has done!!

GoldBalloon55 - Dec 2017

Amazing, Absolutely fantastic driving instructor. I highly reccomend PJ. Being a nervous Learner he was very patient and supportive. He goes above and beyond for his learners, providing discs and books to support you with the theory test also. Had a great time learning to drive with PJ. Passed first time. Can't thank him enough.

JoeM-200 Dec 2017

Fun, Where do I start, PJ passed me first time and also passed my brother I strongly recommend PJ as he manged to get me a earlier test date as he can tell when your ready for your test. Go with him If you want to pass!

SamanthaG-78 - Dec 2017

Fantastic Driving Instructor! I just want to say thank you, to PJ. I hadn’t had lessons for over 20 years and was nervous. The lessons were calm and PJ was patient. I was kept up to date with all changes happening to the test and he made sure that I knew all the manoeuvres and that I felt confident and safe to drive. I took my test this morning and am pleased to say passed with only 3 minors! I would recommend PJ highly.

GraceC-32 - Nov 2017

Both myself and my brother passed first time with PJ! I’ve been with PJ under a year and he has always fitted me in for lessons, taking the time to go over my weaknesses and make them strengths. Both myself and my brother passed first time with PJ, and we both agree that he was very supportive and positive leading up to our tests. I am so thrilled that I have passed, but it has been a great experience learning! Now onto the roads with the P plates! Thanks PJ!

DomNewman - Nov 2017

Great instructor, I had lessons with Pj for just under a year and have passed my practical test first time. Pj's easy to get on with, and great at understanding where your weaknesses are and working through them with you. While learning to drive i had a few areas that i wasn't comfortable with such as approaching roundabouts, Pj was very patient with these issues and helped me gain confidence with them by giving me sound advice and constructing lessons around them. Would certainly recommend him.

Kieran H - November 2017

I did 3 lessons booked my driving test only one I could get was for next year but ok got me one for 4 weeks after my test passed with flying colours.

Sarah D - November 2017

I drove weekly with PJ for just over a year and I have just passed my practical test first time this afternoon. I've enjoyed the lessons and he gives clear instructions and advice. He's friendly and easy to talk to if you have a problem. Thanks! Emma

Helen B - October 2017

My son had weekly lessons with PJ and progressed well. We had a test date of mid November but PJ felt he was ready to take the test earlier so PJ changed his test date and in mid-October he passed with only 4 minors. PJ has an extremely calm demeanour, was punctual and varied the routes each week to give as many driving conditions as possible. He was also very flexible if we needed to change the day or time. The later lessons and the test itself was taken in my sons car and as a parent I feel very confident in my sons driving ability.

Natalie K - September 2017

My son has just passed his test first time with PJ, he is a great bloke and a kind and patient driving instructor. PJ helped him with his theory test and gave him pc discs to help him revise, i passed my test first time too as well as other members of my family, would highly recomend pj and wouldnt use and other instructor for my other kids when its their turn .

Cameron S - Septmeber 2017

Only had a few lessons with him and he helped me a lot, passed first time. Would definetly recommend him. Thanks very much mate.

Grace W - August 2017

I passed my test today with only one minor thanks to Pj, the most patient person ever. He is very professional at all times and very good at what he does. He is a very good teacher who is also very kind and encouraging. He helps you with your theory test by giving you a range of materials to help you learn. I can't thank him enough and would highly recommend him.

Karen B - August 2017

Our daughter passed her theory and practical test time. PJ is very reliable, honest, persistent, patient and committed to his pupils. Provides a DVD to practice for your theory test, examples of show me/tell me questions and provides a mock test prior to the actual test, which gives you a clear indication of your strengths and weaknesses. Would highly recommend PJ.

Tracey H - August 2017

PJ taught both of my daughters to drive. My eldest a very confident young lady and she passed first time. My youngest a different kettle of fish altogether. I did warn PJ that teaching my youngest could bring on an early retirement. From the start she was a very nervous and sensitive pupil PJ gauged this and did everything he could to ease her nerves and make her feel confident. There was a couple of lessons when she came home feeling a failure and PJ handled this by taking her out again the next day free of charge to gain her confidence back. He would take her out in the car for longer than a normal lesson and not bring her back until he felt she had regained her confidence. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. My daughter passed her theory first time thanks to the help from PJ and her driving test first time as well he was genuinely pleased for her. I cannot recommend PJ highly enough. I have recommended PJ to a number of people and they have all passed first time.

Katie G - July 2017

Provides an amazing service. You even get a cd to watch when you are preparing for your theory. You also get to take home sheets of paper to help with your practical driving test. I passed my theory and practical driving test first time with PJ. Highly reccomend this driving school.

Alice S - July 2017

PJ is an excellent instructor and made my experience of learning to drive a lot easier. He's very patient and a great guy and definitely put me at ease. He made learning to drive enjoyable instead of being a daunting experience.

He gave me all the CDs and paperwork I needed to be able to pass both my theory test and practical test first time.

He was recommended to me and I would happily recommend him to anyone else.

Jodie B - June 2017

I would recommend doing your lessons with PJ as he builds up the confident you need to get to were you want to be!I done my test yesterday and past 1st time I with him!

Luka S - May 2017

PJ has been nothing but helpful since I started with him in September 2016. He's very flexible and understanding, also very committed. To help me with my theory test, he gave me a CD which really helped with revision allowing me to pass first time. He also moved my test forward after noticing I was ready earlier, which was a good thing to do, as I passed my practical test first time with only 1 minor. Very good instructor, and a very nice, easy-going guy.

Lorainne - May 2017

Pj was a brilliant instructor and managed to keep my calm when I may have an off lesson. He always managed to fit me in as he was very busy and was very easy to talk to. I passed first time and wasn't nervous when I got to my test because pj really helped me to calm down... Thanks Pj

Holly T April 2017

PJ is a fantastic driving instructor and helped me to pass first time. He is very supportive with all aspects of driving- providing me with useful CD's and worksheets to assist with my theory test, and also tips for the practical. The lessons were always enjoyable but also very productive. Every potential test route and manoeuvre is covered thoroughly, which enabled to feel very comfortable leading up to and during the practical test. The mock test he devised was incredibly relevant to the actual driving test and allowed me to understand areas for improvement. PJ inspires his students to en joy driving but to do so safely. I am very grateful to him and think he is a great choice as a driving instructor.

Aaron W March 2017

Really had an excellent learning experience with this instructor, i suffer quite bad with nerves and he made me feel right at ease. He also rewards your hard work, I got an earlier test date as I was making such good progress. He constantly made himself as available as possible to fit my work schedule and days off. I passed first time and would highly recommend him for anyone looking for similar results.

Lewis M - March 2017

He was a great instructor, he really helped me a lot and went above and beyond to help me pass, including giving up his spare time. He always managed to get the lessons booked at times that suited me and was very clear when driving. Also helping me with the theory side of the test too, definitely recommend pj to learn to drive

F M T - March 2017

PJ is a great driving instructor, he makes you feel really comfortable when driving and I would recommend to anyone. He never watches the clock for your lesson to end and always sits and talks to you after for as long as you need after so that he can explain what went well and what didn't so you can be better next time. The week before my test PJ felt I needed more lessons (after a very bad mock test), so he got up much earlier than his usual driving times and stayed out much later all through the week so that he could fit me in, and I ended up passing first time. He also helped me with my theory test, giving me dvds and asking me the questions whilst I was driving so that I could see and understand the theory in practice. I can't thank PJ enough for his help and I'm going to miss how much fun it was driving with him.

Gswitcheff S - February 2017

Great instructor. Explained very well and was patient. I was recommended by a friend and I will definitely be recommending to my friends and family. With an instructor that has one of the highest pass rates it's a no brainer.

Kelly H - January 2017

PJ is a great driving instructor and made me feel very comfortable whilst I was learning to drive. Thoroughly enjoyed the lessons I had with PJ. I would definitely recommend PJ to any learner!

Michelle S - January 2017

Passed first time, very efficient and would highly recommend

Michelle S - 07 Jan 2017

Passed first time, excellent instructor and would highly recommend to friends and family!

Danielle W - Decembder 2016

I first had driving lessons 15 years ago but never got to the test stage, so I was pretty nervous about learning to drive again. PJ put me at ease straight away and is always calm in any difficult situation. He has an extensive knowledge of Stevenage and the surrounding areas, including the test routes which was a real bonus. Although there are long wait times for tests, PJ felt I was ready before my booked test date and managed to bring my test forward for me by a few weeks which was great. Although I was really nervous on the day, I passed 1st time with only 1 minor! I would highly recommend PJ to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Danielle S - November 2016

PJ is an excellent driving instructor and I would 100% recommend him to any learner! He really goes out of his way to help his students feel calm and comfortable. Every single lesson I had with PJ I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt everything I needed to know. If I couldn't make a lesson he would make sure that I got another ASAP. He is very professional and has a great sense of humour. Thank you for all your help PJ, I couldn't of done it without you!!

Leanne C - November 2016

Top driving instructor . Passed with pjmakes u feel comfortable and someone u can have a laugh with while driving x thank u pj.

Ryan J - November 2016

PJ is an excellent instructor, very patient and always manages to fit you in for a time that suits you. The use of mock tests helps to see what you need to improve on specifically in order to pass your test. He also helps with theory revision too which is unusual with other driving instructors. Never late to lessons and overall a very helpful man.

Lauren E - October 2016

PJ is a brilliant instructor, happily fit in my lessons around uni and work!, passed 1st time and a massive bonus of no minors!Highly recommend PJ as a driving instructor no matter the age. Thank you very much PJ!

Daryl P - October 2016

Very good instructor passed 1st tym thanks pj.

Erin N - September 2016

I cannot fault this driving school, PJ himself is very welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away, a perfect instructor and I would definitely recommend to anyone! If it wasn't for him, I definitely wouldn't have passed my driving test, he is also flexible and on time to all of the lessons I'd had with him, I cannot thank him enough!

Jason M - September 2016

Pj is a great driving instructor, I had never drove before and at 28 years old, was very nervous about learning to drive, but pj came highly recommended, so glad I chose to him to teach me, he is very calm and makes you feel comfortable about driving,and helped me a lot with my theory,and passed both test and theory 1st time

Kingsley S - September 2016

PJ is a great driving instructor during all of my lessons he was very professional but also made sure that I was comfortable and understood all that was being taught. His teaching is very efficient and effective, he's always on time and makes me feel comfortable and confident as a driver. With his help I was able to pass first time. He's definitely the right instructor to use if you're looking to get the best possible results. Alia S. 12/09/16

Nick H - September 2016

Pj is a great driving instructor he makes you feel very calm and confident in the driving seat and is also very patient when you make little mistakes, i had never driven a car before in my life before i booked lessons with pj but with his help and experience i was able to pass both my theory and driving test first time, so thanks again pj very appreciated From Nicky Helm.

Paul S - September 2016

Pj was an excellent in making me feel relaxed and confident in all areas of my driving. He used his experience to know exactly when I was ready to pass my test and was even able to bring it forward a few weeks. He is very friendly making my lessons enjoyable and was able to accommodate my lessons around my job.

Naina L - August 2016

This is perfect for a relaxed and carefree learning environment for young people to learn to drive in. For those people who need a lot of practice and telling a few times before they get the hang of driving, the instructor is very patient and encouraging. Great if you want someone reliable and cheap.

Mia B - July 2016

PJ was very patient and encouraging through all of my lessons . Giving great advice and making sure I was confident in all areas of driving. Passed my test first time with him . Best driving instructor

Leonard B - July 2016

Pj's school of motoring was my second driving instructor after a rocky start, pj welcomed me into the driving seat and made me feel so relaxed and confident. Many lessons later and a test date PJ found an earlier cancellation for me, bringing my test forward by nearly a month. With all of Pj's help I passed this earlier test with only one minor for hesitation, pj was a fantastic, and professional instructor and I'm glad I didn't choose anyone else. I highly recommend PJ for anyone wishing to learn how to drive! :)Leonard B

Charlie D - July 2016

Was with pj for about 6 months and past first time with 0 minors always had my lesson every week never late and overall a really really good instructor would highly recommend!

Alice L - June 2016

PJ is an outstanding teacher and I have had the most enjoyable driving lessons with him. He does not enter you into driving tests unless he believes your ready, which saves you lots of unnecessary fees. Always on time and gives you the most he can for your hour of driving. He also strives to secure close test dates for his students and tries his best to find cancellations.Really recommend, I know I will be safe on the road with the knowledge and skills I picked up with PJ.

Robyn E - June 2016

I was extremely nervous when I first started to learn to drive with PJ, as I had no previous experience and I had been putting off having lessons for years. PJ was so patient with me and made me feel comfortable and confident and I ended up passing my test first time.

Charlotte P - May 2016

PJ was an excellent driving instructor and was patient and calm throughout all of my driving lessons. I passed my test first time with only one minor, which shows how experienced he is at being an instructor. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to start driving lessons.

Olivia H - May 2016

Excellent tuition. Another first timer. I recommend to go with PJ!

Meg P - May 2016

When I started with PJ I was a very nervous driver, he made me feel at ease and comfortable. I passed my test recently and would recommend him to anyone. Brilliant driving instructor.

Katie G - May 2016

Never driven before I started lessons with PJ and passed first time all down to his patience and ability to keep calm. He always tries to do what's best for you and his experience as an instructor shows! Definitely recommend!! Ty PJ.

Cassidy G - April 2016

Brilliant driving instructor I hadn't drove and had my first lesson in February and past in April was worth every penny puts under no pressure and he makes sure your safe driver top marks for pj school of motoring

Ashley R February 2016

PJ is an fantastic driving instructor, his 15 years definitely show with his methods, driving style, and patience with new drivers. As someone who had been taking lessons on and off for years he really helped me gain perspective and focus to get through my test.I would highly recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive.

Asha R - February 2016

Pj is a very good instructor, plenty of patience makes you feel at ease and I would recommend him to anybody wanting lessons

Liam M - February 2016

A great driving instructor, helped me pass first time. Gave me a lot of information and taught me fast and efficiently.

Shannon S - January 2016

Past first time!! Very good driving instructor, has a lot of patents and gives you a lot of confindent. I would 100% recommend pj to anyone!!.

Tracy L - January 2016

PJ is a great instructor, he gives you confidence and is endlessly patient. He is friendly and approachable and flexible to fit round school and jobs, often picking up from school/work to accommodate a lesson. He gave me help with the theory, giving me papers to complete and talked through answers and DVD's to help revise and know what to expect, he won't let you go for a test unless he feels you're ready and even got me an earlier test date, recommended very highly, several friends all passed with him too

Josh T - January 2016

Pj was very helpful and patient when it came to helping me learn. He helped me massively when it came to my theory by giving me loads of content to help with revision. He was always positive when it came to my lessons. He always had an extra few minutes to help and talk me through things after lessons. I passed first time on my driving test with 0 minors. Very helpful and would recommend to friends.

Tom P - December 2015

PJ is an excellent driving instructor with great knowledge and skills. I would defiantly recommend PJ as a driving instructor for any learner. He helped me pass my theory and my driving test first time with 3 minors. He really goes out of his way to help his students and to make sure that they pass first time. Every single lesson I had with PJ I thoroughly enjoyed it and if I couldn't make a lesson he would make sure that I get a lesson sooner. He is very professional and has a great sense of humour.Thank you for all your help PJ.

Jade- Lea - November 2015

Very patient instructor !! Helped me past first time always made my lessons worth while. Amazing thank you so so much!

Aaron Stott November 2015

Great instructor! Patent, punctual and very informed.

Unknown - October 2015

Can't thank Pj eniugh for getting me through my driving lessons and to pass my test 1st time with only 2 minors. Pj is a brilliant nothing is to much trouble for him. He never clock watches, goes out of his way to help you. Helped me with my theory. Highly recommend. I was recommend by 2 friends. Now I would recommend him to anyone that's learning to drive.

Scalesy - October 2015

Found this instructor through this site and hoping other people will find him as well, Pj is a brilliant instructor constantly making you more aware of the road and rules as you progress through lessons, will always be recommending this instructor to family and friends. After any lesson with Pj you will not be left empty handed you will always come back with some different bit of knowledge about road rules or road users.

MsConnie - August 2015

A no nonsense man, tough and passionate about his career.After losing my licence he helped get myself back to realise I could do it. Some instructors refused to take me on but he gave me a second chance. Calls a spade a spade. There were moments I failed to turn up for my lessons but he would happily rebook for the next lessons and acted like nothing happened. Very proffessional. Good sense of humor. My passing was needed more now than ever. Thank you very much PJ. I will definately recommend PJ to friends and strangers

DeanRic - July 2015

Pj is a great instructor, very patient and helps you develop your driving by helping you get through your mistakes, he helps with any areas your worried in and is willing to hear your opinion. Will recommend to my friends, as he helped me alot thanks pj. 5 stars :-)

Samantha Madden - June 2015

Cannot say enough good things about pj, very professional, very patient I have and would recommend happily. Thank you for helping me pass my test.

Lois - May 2015

Pj is a brilliant driving instructor. Very patient and puts in the time and effort to help you with both your theory and your practical. Would recommend him to anyone and very happy to say he helped me pass first time!

Annabelle S - April 2015

PJ was a great instructor keeping me calm throughout my lessons. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed but also made me enjoy driving. PJ took me to Hitchin and Knebworth to help me learn in different environments on the test routes. He supported me through my theory test and also helped me pass first time in my practical.

Jasmine - April 2015

P.J is a brilliant driving instructor. He is very understanding and patient, and is also very calming for nervous drivers. He's happy to have a chat whilst you drive which makes the lessons easier, and I would definitely recommend him to any new drivers! After about eight months with him I passed my test first time with only one minor. Thank you P.J.

Jessica - April 2015

PJ has a no nonsense approach in his lessons, and will make you feel very comfortable and safe. Though he's a tough instructor he has a great sense of humour and it fun to chat to which helps you to settle in if you're a first time driver. PJ is very experienced and will go beyond getting you up to 'test standard', but also prepare you for real life situations. Thank's PJ for all your hard work!

Gmcg - April 2015

Can't fault P.J.. Excellent and patient instructor. P.J taught my son to drive and then after passing his test took him out for his motorway lesson. Will definitely use P.J again when my youngest child learns in two years!

Amy Sewell - April 2015

Having had PJ recommended to me by a friend I would be the first to recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Having started with little experience and lacking confidence, PJ made me feel at ease and offered a lot of support with both the theory and practical and as a result I passed first time in both exams!

Daniellex Murphy - March 2015

Hi I learnt to drive wiv pj on my 17th birthday he was very friendly helpfull caring an help me pass my theory first time he help me feel relaxed in my lessons an I was so happy to pass my test first time would deffo recommend him !!!!!!!!

Jake - July 2014

I have been with PJ's school of motoring since November 2013.

I passed my theory and practical first time under 8 months, I passed the practical with absolutely NO FAULT & NO MINORS.

I have been with PJ's school of motoring since November 2013. I passed my theory and practical first time under 8 months,

I passed the practical with absolutely NO FAULT & NO MINORS.

I can assure you that you won't be let down with PJ's school of motoring, he caters for all types of people, like myself, I was very nervous and not very confident before I started taking lessons with PJ, however, after a few lessons kicked in, I learned how to read the road and my overall confidence to drive was immediately boosted. I noticed a rapid improvement each lesson I took with PJ, he is very clear at explaining things in depth with the diagrams and methods he has to help you learn. His lessons are very high quality and enjoyable, you will always finish each lesson with a smile left on your face.

PJ is very flexible and really makes an effort with committing himself to help you get up to standards to pass your test. He is very friendly, and I always felt very calm whilst driving with PJ.

Quality: ***** (5/5) Price: ***** (5/5)

I have recommended PJ to my friends & family.

Kerry - August 2013

PJ School of Motoring is an excellent Driving School,calm, friendly and highly experienced. Both our son and daughter learnt with them. They adapted the pace of learning to suit each of their needs allowing them to grow in confidence by developing a strong skills base. they both felt well prepared for the test having practised under test conditions on test routes. the results speak for themselves as the both passed first time!

Paul - June 2012

I started learning with PJ when I was 17. I was very eager to learn to drive as I had a car of my own. PJ shared my enthusiasm to drive and always turned up on time. In my first few lessons I learned how to control the car, I learnt this quickly as PJ carefully explained where I was going right and wrong. I booked my test early to avoid the queues; however PJ asked that I cancel this as I wasn’t going to be ready for the test. I was disappointed to cancel the test but understood his reasoning. PJ worked hard to teach me how to read the road effectively, tailoring the lessons to my needs, he never watched the clock to get the lesson over with, and instead he let me practice the techniques until I had fully grasped them. Thanks to PJ’s patience, I passed first time. After passing I continued to learn with PJ to obtain a Pass Plus. In this I learned techniques to become a safer driver and how to deal with adverse weather conditions, busier roads and motorway driving. I would recommend PJ to anyone! Five stars *****

Rhiannon - April 2012

I started learning with PJ in July of 2011, and passed both my theory and practical test first time within 9 months. Lessons moved at a pace I was comfortable with and showed improvement week by week. In practise for my theory test, homework was set to practise the questions which I found a very useful way of revising and learning all I needed to know. If I had any queries PJ would go over these in the lessons to make sure I was 100% on them.

To build up to the practical test, mock tests were taken and improvements made upon what didn’t go as well. All routes are practised in lessons to give a wide experience of driving to places such as Hitchin and Knebworth a variety of ways as well as around Stevenage. The test is only taken when you’re ready and confident so you don’t feel unsure about the test. I have recommended using PJ as a driving instructor to friends and family members due to my positive experience of learning with him.

April Lacey – July 2012

My son learnt to drive with PJ’s school of motoring this year. PJ has a good reputation and came highly recommended. He has a great first time pass rate and my son is now one of that group. My son always came home positively enthused and couldn’t wait for the next lesson. I have recommended PJ to my friends and will continue to do so.

J.M. Frith - 31st October 2005

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